Bullwinkle Cactus


Opuntia Consolea Rubescens, also known as Road Kill Cactus.

Lighting: Direct Light

Water: Once every 10-14 days. Let soil completely dry out between waterings.

Humidity: Tolerates standard household humidity.

Family: Cactaceae

Native Origin: Florida and the Caribbean 

USDA Hardy Zone: 9B - 11B



Opuntia Consolea Rubescens is a fast growing cactus that can eventually grow into a tree over 20 feet tall. It produces petite orange blooms at the top of the pads during the growing season. Make sure that you're providing direct sunlight for your cactus indoors, and only water it once the soil has dried out completely - about every 10-14 days. 



Opuntia Consolea Rubescens grows wonderfully outdoors and is cold hardy down to 25 degrees. Keep your cactus in a spot that receives Partial to Full Sun and let dry out completely between waterings. 

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