Asparagus Fern


Asparagus Plumosus

Lighting: Bright, indirect light

Water: Once top two inches has dried out. About every 3-4 days.

Humidity: Requires extra humidity.

Family: Asparagaceae

Native Origin: South America

USDA Hardy Zone: 9-11


This fern is extremely unusual and quite fun to look at. It is native to tropical South America. Make sure to keep the soil evenly moist, but not soggy, and provide extra humidity to keep your plant flourishing. Ferns grow best indoors when they are in bright, indirect light. The ideal spot for a Fern would be a bright bathroom window, or in a sunny spot sitting on a pebble tray/next to a humidifier. 



Ferns grown outdoors in North Texas need to be kept in the shade. We do not recommend keeping your plant outside during periods of extreme heat or cold. Regular watering is advised, especially if your region is relatively dry (in comparison to the neo tropics.) Never let your Fern become exposed to sub freezing temperatures. When temperatures reach 55 degrees and below, be sure to move your plants inside to a warm & bright environment.

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