Cereus Forbressii Spiralis


Lighting: Direct Light

Water: Water once a week while in 2" pot. Let soil completely dry out between waterings. 

Humidity: Tolerates standard household humidity.

Family: Cactaceae

Native Origin: South America

USDA Hardy Zone: 9B - 11B



Cereus Forbesii is a columnar cactus endemic to the Andes Mountains. We recommend providing strong direct light for you cactus indoors and a big drink once a week while still in its 2" nursery pots. As you repot you cactus into a larger container, you will be able to begin watering once every other week.


Cereus Forbesii grow quite well outdoors. We recommend providing filtered sun for your cactus as the tissue can be sensitive to receiving too much direct sunlight. However, tropical and sub-tropical climates allow C. Forbesii to be grown in full sun. If you happen to live in a drier climate that does dip below freezing, you will want to bring your cactus inside until the following season. 

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