Epipremnum 'Aurea'

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Lighting: Low - Bright indirect light

Water: Once a week.

Humidity: Grows quickly in a humid environment 

Family: Araceae

USDA Hardy Zone: 10 & 11


Epipremnum 'Global Green' is a beautiful species of Pothos that has emerald green leaves and glowing yellow variegation. If the plant is grown in a humid environment, its vines will grow quickly and grab on to the nearest support in sight. The leaves will morph drastically into adult hood. Juvenile leaves form a tear drop shape and grow a massive leaf size with fenestrations all along the midrib. The plants we have available now are a good size with several splits in the leaves.



Epipremnum will grow beautifully outdoors, but they are not winter hardy and should be brought inside once temperatures dip below 55 degrees. Spring through Fall, keep your Epipremnum in Full Shade and make sure it is not receiving any hot, direct sun. Water once your plant has had a chance to dry out, usually about every 4-6 days with moderate temperatures. You may need to water your Epipremnum every 2-3 days during periods of extreme heat.

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