Ficus Shivereana

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Lighting: Bright, Indirect Light - Direct Sun

Water: Once a week. Let soil dry out completely between waterings.

Humidity: Tolerates standard household humidity

Family: Moraceae

Native Origin: Africa and India 

USDA Hardy Zone: 10 & 11



Provide your Ficus with several hours of direct sun. These plants grow in the full sun in their natural habitat, reaching towering heights of over 100 feet. Only water your plant once the soil has dried out completely. This will usually be about once a week, but this frequency can vary based on the size of the plant, soil medium, temperature, season, and so on. The best method is to stick your finger down in the soil, and if it feels bone dry, then it's time to water. It is also important to note that if your Ficus' leaves are drooping, it is time to water. If you notice leaves falling off of your tree, the level of exposure to the sun is too low. 



Ficus can be grown outdoors in partial sun to full shade. However, they are not winter hardy so they should not be left outside in freezing temperatures. Plants dry out much faster outdoors, so you will most likely need to water every 3-4 days when temperatures are high. Just make sure to check the soil before you water, and if it is completely dry, go ahead and give your Ficus a good soak.

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