Pilea Peperomiodes


Lighting: Bright, Indirect light

Water: Once a week. Let soil dry out between waterings.

Humidity: Tolerates standard household humidity.

Family: Urticaceae

Native Origin: Southern China

USDA Hardy Zone: 10 & 11


Pilea Peperomiodes is a beautiful and unique succulent that thrives indoors year round. Keep your Pilea in a spot that receives bright, indirect light and only water once the soil has dried out - about once a week. With this simple care, your Pilea can grow very quickly, and eventually start to resemble a funky tree with an upright, vertical stem. These plants also multiply in their pots, sprouting out tiny pups that can be divided into individual plants once they have matured.



Pilea grow great outdoors in the shade, but should be brought inside when temperatures reach below 55 degrees since they are not winter hardy. You may need to water your Pilea every 5-6 days, opposed to just once a week indoors.  Plants tend to dry out more quickly outside, especially during the Summer months. 

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