Staghorn Fern


Platycerium Bifurcatum

Lighting: Bright Indirect - Direct Light

Water: Once a week. Let soil dry out between waterings.

Humidity: Tolerates standard household humidity. Requires extra humidity if climbing.

Family: Polypodiaceae

Native Origin: Africa, Australia, Southeast Asia

USDA Hardy Zone: 10 & 11


Staghorn Fern is by far one of the more bizarre plants in the shop. This plant grows as an epiphyte in nature and is usually grown on a plaque with its roots wrapped in moss. In this instance the plant is potted in a very well drained potting mix. We recommend allowing the soil to dry out all the way in between waterings and providing strong natural light for your Stag. Staghorns also absorb moisture through their basal fronds so don't hesitate to mist or spray down your plant every so often. 



Platycerium grow very well outdoors, but they are not winter hardy and should be brought inside once temperatures dip below 55 degrees. Spring through Fall, keep your Platycerium in Full Shade / filtered sun and make sure it is not receiving any hot, direct sun. Water once your plant has had a chance to dry out, usually about every 4-5 days outdoors with moderate temperatures. During periods of extreme heat, you may need to water your Pothos every 2-3 days.



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