Calathea Fasciata

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Lighting: Bright, indirect light

Water: Once top two inches has dried out. About every 5-6 days.
*Only use rain or distilled water. Leaves are sensitive to chemicals that are commonly found in tap water.

Humidity: Requires extra humidity.

Family: Marantaceae

Native Origin: South America 

USDA Hardy Zone: 10-11


Calatheas are fans of indirect light & most can tolerate low light levels. Direct sun can burn the foliage and dry the plant out quickly. You’ll find these genera growing happily on the subfloor of South American rainforests, meaning they enjoy a daily misting or a humidifier running nearby. Be sure to retain an even level of moisture in your potting mix to keep the plant happy and the foliage lush. 



Calatheas grown outdoors in North Texas need to be kept in the shade. We do not recommend keeping your plant outside during periods of extreme heat or cold. Regular watering is advised, especially if your region is relatively dry (in comparison to the neo tropics.) Never let your Maranta or Calathea become exposed to sub freezing temperatures. When temperatures reach 55 degrees and below, be sure to move your plants inside to a warm & bright environment.

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